Manufacturer for the Mining Industry (Singapore)

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Global Manufacturer of HDPE Hydraulic Hose Guards for the Mining Industry.

Singapore-based regional business of a global manufacturer of high-quality HDPE hydraulic hose safety spirals and protective sleeves.

As part of an APAC growth strategy, the company wished to identify and secure a new distribution channel in Australia. Strategy Australia was recommended to the client by an overseas Trade Organisation.

Utilising Strategy Australia’s knowledge of the industrial distribution sectors, fifteen (15) potential distributors were identified who specialised in supplying the mining industry with industrial products and technical services.

After the client selected the preferred potential Partners, Strategy Australia made direct contact with each of them explaining the partnering opportunity, confirming sales and technical capabilities, and the fit of the client’s products in the Partner’s business.

The results included an extremely positive outcome with one distributor in particular that is a significant supplier to RioTinto. The value of the distributor’s first order may exceed $AUD4million.