Strategy Australia specialises in working with clients who manufacture technical products, process raw materials, publish enterprise or point-solution software, or who provide professional technical and engineering services.

The company’s consultants have many years’ experience working in and with international businesses and have a unique package of skills blending engineering, new technology and commercial disciplines with an acute sense of urgency.



Finding the Right Partner is Crucial to your Success

  • Our understanding of technical products, applications, services, and markets in industrial, engineering, software and tech solutions means we can identify partners that demonstrate critical technical, marketing and sales synergies with our clients’ businesses. This ensures a solid fit with your business as well as mitigating risks around partner mismatches.

We know what distributor and reseller partners look for when evaluating a new product. We know what margins they need to drive their continuing interest. We know how their sales specialists are goaled and measured – all of which will ensure you secure the right partners faster and reduce the time to productivity.


Identifying Business Opportunities

A service to assist international trade, economic development, and export industry agencies to support their members with information about specific business opportunities in target market sectors. Services span Fintech, Medtech, Regtech, Healthtech, Waste Management, Manufacturing, Building and Construction, Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Information Technology, Energy, Facilities Management, and more.

Our market sector reviews are highly pragmatic and based on our vast experience working in a broad cross-section of industries over 30+ years.

  • Gain an understanding of target market sectors
  • Identify current technologies and products
  • Identify technology and product gaps
  • Identify key manufacturers, suppliers, and potential partners
  • Identify how products reach the end customers
  • Map products and technologies to specific business opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in contact with us. We will listen to what your objectives are, discuss suggestions we may have, and develop a detailed proposal for your consideration.


Understanding your Target Market Before You Commit Money and Resources

Our Market Discovery process is about understanding the characteristics of your target market. It is a critical component for successful exporting. Strategy Australia can quickly confirm the likely demand for your product or service and describe the competitive environment.

This translates to a greater level of confidence about how the market operates, the presence of local and international competitors, and how products reach end customers.


We Identify and Obtain Fast Responses From Acquisition Targets            

Sometimes, an acquisition is the fastest way to enter a new geographic market. Surprisingly, it can be the least-risk strategy as the organisation you acquire will already be established, will have a customer base, sales revenues, and supporting resources. Your investment is paid back quicker and can start immediately.

Using a unique methodology, we can help you develop selection criteria considering your organisation’s core skills and competencies.

We also help you define the business you are in, which can open up highly synergistic growth opportunities that may not have been considered previously. Services include:

  • Acquisition selection criteria development
  • Core competency definition to optimise acquisition fit
  • Development and implementation of the acquisition search
  • Layered screening to identify best business fit
  • Business and trade searches to check ownership structures/identify business risks
  • Strategic rationale development to support the acquisition business case.


Identification and Development of Best-Fit Market Entry Options

With nearly 30 years’ successful experience assisting clients with their business growth challenges, Strategy Australia can work with you to:

  • Determine the best-fit market entry strategy;
  • Understand your short- and long-term objectives; and
  • Balance cost, risk, and returns.

Once the best entry strategy has been decided, Strategy Australia can provide practical assistance to work towards achieving your business objectives.