Biometric Systems (UK and HK)

biometric partnerships australia
Biometric solutions designer and manufacturer – Distribution Development.

A UK and Hong Kong-based designer and manufacturer of various, patented biometric systems for the access control markets across the banking and finance, healthcare, and security industries.

The company also owns patents around secure biometric access to mobile devices, which has broad applications in the payments markets.

Strategy Australia was commissioned to undertake a search of potential specialist partners and distribution agents in Australia.

A tailored search program was developed and implemented by Strategy Australia using several search methodologies.

A select number of potential agents and distributors were identified with the required technical and sales skills.

Strategy Australia engaged with the distributors directly on behalf of the client aimed at qualifying suitability and confirming the required skills.

The client entered direct discussions with three potential distributors and successfully appointed one distributor.

The client went on to license its technology in key geographic countries and is a major global player in the biometrics market today.