Mobile Robots and Guided Vehicles (Asia)

robotics partnerships australia
The client manufactures a range of automated mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV).

With good market penetration in SE Asia, some parts of Europe (Germany), and the US, management wished to enter Australia. Strategy Australia was selected and commissioned to undertake a project to identify, qualify and engage potential partners with the required systems integration, design, engineering, technical support, and selling skills.

Strategy Australia identified several candidate partner organisations from which the client selected the preferred partners.

Senior management in each candidate partner organisation was then contacted by Strategy Australia to outline the opportunity and confirm solution fit and interest.

A series of tele-meetings were then undertaken with the overseas-based client, the candidate partner organisation, and Strategy Australia.

The results included the signing of a strong partner. The partner has significant and successful experience in the robotics and automation sectors, an established customer base as is now productive in promoting, selling and supporting the client’s solutions.