Review of the Australian Concrete Repair Market

australian concrete repair market review
Project: Strategy Australia was selected to undertake a major review of the Australian concrete repair market.

Specifically, a competitive assessment of the steel-reinforced concrete structures repair market (commercial and residential high-rise) to determine the impact of electro-chemical repair techniques on the traditional pre-bagged repair mortar business.

The project was to determine whether the electro-chemical process presented a threat to the client’s business and if there was a need to enter this market by a potential acquisition.

The project concluded that it was likely the electro-chemical cathodic protection concrete repair technique system would play an important role in the industry, but pre-bagged mortar repairs would continue to be the preferred method for the foreseeable future.

The client decided to monitor this situation on an ongoing basis in case of change and was strategically prepared should an entry into this market be required.